These 7 Food Myths Are Totally Busted

All the dos and don’ts of food rules make my head spin. One day strawberries are the best fruit and the next they are linked to cancer. I can’t possibly keep up. Well Cubii is here to help guide your healthy eating habits by totally busting these 7 food myths:

1) Salt Is Killing You!

We have all heard it, America is dying of too much salt. Before you totally eliminate salt from your diet, watch this YouTube video on the 5 Benefits of Salts: Health Hacks with trainer and nutritionist Thomas DeLauer.


2) Salads Are The Best Thing For You

False. False. All the falses. Salad is quite possibly the most overrated food on the planet. The biggest problem with salad is that it fools dieters into making bad choices. You think because you are eating a salad, you can pile on whatever toppings you want. Soon you have turned something that could have nutritional value into a meal with the same calories as a pastrami sandwich. So before you order a salad, imagine it naked (without lettuce). Is your bowl full of good veggies or is it just a pile of cheese and dressing with some veggies sprinkled in?

Source: Washington Post

3) Fresh Always Beats Frozen

This one comes as a shock. Because frozen food is flash-frozen shortly after picking, it can be just as nutritious as fresh food. The flash-frozen process retains more nutrients than if it has to travel unfrozen before being sold and even longer before being consumed. Bonus, frozen typically costs less. If you are still a strong believer in fresh > frozen, try to buy local.


4) Mini Meals Throughout The Day Helps Control Your Weight

Every time you eat, your metabolism increases slightly to digest the food you just ate. So by having mini meals throughout the day instead of fewer larger ones, your metabolism shifts into a higher gear more often and thus you burn fewer calories. Note this is different than snacking between meals to help weight loss. Many individuals, including myself, consume snacks between meals to keep themselves from overeating at dinner. This is fine because it is not a meal. Lesson here: choose whatever eating schedule works best for you.

Source: Eating Well

5) Eating Eggs Will Increase Your Cholesterol

Good news for egg lovers: eating eggs does NOT increase your cholesterol. Cholesterol levels are influenced by certain saturated and trans fats.. Eggs have very little saturated fat and ZERO trans fat. In fact eliminating eggs from your diet may be harmful because you’re missing out on the health benefits they have. If you are still not convinced, doctors and nutritionists suggest eating the whites and not the yolks.


Source: Lifehacker

6) Don’t Eat After 6/7/8 PM

This myth comes from a basic understanding of how digestion works. The idea is that if you go to bed on a full stomach your body’s metabolism will slow down and turn the food into fat instead of burning it off. While sleeping, your metabolism does not come to halt; it will still burn your food but at a slower rate. For those who swear by this tip, it really only works because people end up reducing their calorie intake. Simply put, this myth is a silly weight loss gimmick. As long as have a gap of 2 hours between the time you finish eating and going to bed, you are fine.

Thank heavens this one is busted because I sometimes don’t get home from work until 7 or 8pm and I am not about to go to bed hungry.

Source: Lifehacker

7) Wine Has Health Benefits, Beer and Liquor Do Not

Drink up rum and beer lovers, this one is for you! We are all aware of the antioxidant benefits that come from enjoying a glass of wine. Now you can add beer and liquor to the mix. When combined with a good diet and exercise, consuming all types of alcohol can reduce your risk for heart disease. This is because alcohol can raise your HDL (good cholesterol) levels which protect the heart against plaque buildup which can cause strokes and heart attacks. Now I am not suggesting this is an excuse to go crazy on a Friday night. But know there is no need to feel guilty for consuming a few alcoholic beverages tonight.


Source: Lifehacker

In the end, the only thing that matters is that you eat a healthy diet and exercise.