5 Health Hacks So Simple You Can Do At The Office

I am crowning 2017 the year of convenience. We are bombarded with information on the benefits of super-foods, this and that antioxidants etc. It all makes my head spin. But your health doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are a few hacks that are simple and convenient enough to do at your desk:

1) Stretch It Out

You’re stuck at your desk for hours which means you’re going to get stiff. Loosen those tight muscles with Desk Yogi, a subscription based service providing unlimited access to hundreds of wellness videos designed to be a non-disruptive way for you to de-stress, de-stiffen and re-boot throughout the day. This easy to use platform is available on all Internet enabled devices and includes topics on fitness, nutrition, yoga, meditation, acupressure, massage and stress reduction. Interested? You can get your free Desk Yogi account here.

2) Keep It Moving

Sad to say but we do spend the majority of our time at work. For those who sit at a desk, getting enough exercise can be hard. Just go the gym! everyone says. However, a recent study published in the American Journal of Physiology – Endocrinology and Metabolism found that a “single vigorous workout may do little to counter the effects of prolonged sitting while strolling around frequently in addition to exercising does seem to keep the harm at bay.” This is why Cubii is a great hack tool! You are able to exercise anytime and anywhere, at your desk and at home watching tv or reading.


3) Cucumber Water Isn’t Just For Spas

For years, healthcare providers and scientists have blamed soft drinks and other sugary beverages as the main causes of America’s obesity epidemic. Soft drinks have even gone political. In this past election San Francisco, Oakland and Albany, CA passed a 1 penny per ounce tax on sugary soft drinks in hopes to get people to stop drinking the stuff. If you don’t want to be taxed and/ or are looking for an easy way to cut calories from your diet, try cucumber water! Adding cucumber to your water gives it an extra flavor, encouraging you to drink more and lose weight (staying hydrated helps you feel full). Cucumbers are also a great source of vitamin B-5 which supports healthy skin.

4) No Slouching

Etiquette instructors would be horrified by our poor posture caused by sitting at a desk. When sitting at your desk or anywhere for an extended period of time, pay attention to the way you hold your shoulders and neck.

Think you need a little extra help in the slouch department? Invest in a laptop stand or LumoLift, a personal posture coach.

You can learn additional posture tips here

5) Crush Your Workouts With Coffee

Looking for an added edge at that gym that doesn’t taste like chalk? It may surprise you but your morning cup of coffee could be the answer. Drinking a cup of black coffee at the office before your workout will not only give you an energy boost, but the high amount of caffeine will increase your metabolism and thus accelerate fat loss.

These are just a few of our favorite health and fitness hacks that we personally have found make a big difference. There are hundreds more out there. Find one that is both easy and that you will actually enjoy because that’s how you’ll stick with it longer.