5 Fitness Ideas You Can Easily Add To Your Employee Wellness Program

Workout before or after work. That’s what the court of public opinion suggests for combating sitting disease. But what if you’re not a morning person and you’re too tired after work to exercise.

Here are a few exercise ideas that can easily fit into your employee wellness program:

1) Create Office Fitness Clubs

If you really enjoy a certain activity and know others who share this passion, get a group of coworkers and participate in a sports league or create a fitness club, like a running group to train for a local 5k race. All this takes is typing ‘sports leagues’ into Google and presto you have softball, kickball, soccer and baseball leagues. Not only are leagues a fun way to workout but it is also a great opportunity for company bonding and culture.

Popular Sports Leagues Around the Country:

Chicago- Chicago Sport Social Club
New York City- NYC Social
Los Angeles- Zogsports or LA Parks 
San Francisco- Play in the Bay Social and Sport Club 
Seattle- Underdog Sports Leagues
Charlotte- SportsLink

2) Host Fitness Challenges

Staying motivated can be hard when you’re working out alone. Hosting fitness challenges like planking for a month are easy ways to incorporate fitness into your daily work routine. It will only take a few seconds each day and doing the challenge helps to keep individuals accountable. If your office is obsessed with fitness tracking, try Stridekick which allows you to compete with friends and co-workers who use any fitness tracker, smartwatch or smartphone as a tracking device. So yes Fitbit and Garmin users can play nice together.

3) Offer An Active Sitting and Standing Workspace

Sitting is the new smoking and standing for long periods of time can cause varicose veins. To counteract the sitting disease, medical professionals recommend creating an active sitting and standing workspace. Purchase an under desk elliptical like Cubii or a standing desk like Varidesk and follow a 1:1 or 2:1 sitting versus stand time ratio.

4) Start Meetings with an Activity

No one likes meetings. Before starting, encourage everyone to do 20 jumping jacks, run in place for 30 seconds or do wall sits. Be cautious of previous injuries so suggest from a list of exercises. Doing these small exercises prior to a meeting will get the blood flowing and increase productivity, alertness and creativity.

5) On-site fitness classes

You don’t always have time to go to the gym so why not bring the gym to you. Group fitness classes are always fun and let’s be honest, it’s hard to come up with an excuse when the class comes to you.

Get your whole company involved and stay active together.. after all, fitness is more fun when you do it as a group 🙂