4 Reasons Why You Should Ditch The Treadmill For An Elliptical

You’re at the gym or looking to buy new home fitness equipment and suddenly can’t decide which cardio machine to do/buy: elliptical or treadmill. We did the research and here are 4 benefits of an elliptical that treadmills can’t compete with:

Low Impact On Joints

Walking or running can cause wear and stress on your joints. When using an elliptical machine, your feet never the pedals making this workout easier on joints, particularly knees, hips and back, than running on a treadmill. Because of its low impact, an elliptical is an injury friendly workout especially for conditions such as ligament tears.

Works Multiple Muscles

There is a reason why ellipticals are usually the first machines taken at the gym: they work a wide range or muscles. While pedaling forwards, you target the thighs and gluteus muscles. Most elliptical models can be pedaled in reverse which engages your calf and hamstring muscles more than pedaling forward.

The ability to work the whole your whole lower body makes elliptical workouts a popular tool for cross-training. Cross training with an elliptical machine can help to improve speed and endurance and more importantly, prevent injuries. This year, I am running the Chicago Marathon and you bet the elliptical is my secret training tool – besides spin.

Can Be A Space Saver

I am not talking about the elliptical machines you see at the gym or fitness equipment stores; those take up half your room. There is a new wave of compact ellipticals that provide the same low impact exercise as standard ellipticals but at the fraction of the size. Sit on the couch while watching tv or even get an office workout in by pedalling at your desk. Because of their small size, mini ellipticals like Cubii are a great home workout solution for individuals living in a small city apartment.

Able To Multi-task

There is never enough time in the day to complete all our tasks. For the busy professional, under desk ellipticals allow you to workout at your desk and the traditional gym size ellipticals allow you to more easily read a book or watch tv. Sure you can probably read and watch tv while running on a treadmill, but for me, it’s not that easy of a task. Too much bouncing… I don’t know.

The next time you are searching for new home fitness equipment or need to spice up your usual cardio routine at the gym, consider an elliptical.