4 Health Inspired Gifts Your Mom Actually Wants For Mother’s Day

Moms are great! I mean can you think of any other profession that incorporates chauffeur, caretaker, chef, coach, therapist, teacher and maid (sorry for using that word mom) in one job title? No and that’s why moms everywhere need and should be celebrated! Obviously we should appreciate our moms everyday but once a year they get a whole day when all the attention is on her. If you’re still struggling to find something for your mom for Mother’s Day, here’s a few health inspired gifts she actually wants and will use:

1) Pacif-i by Blue Maestro


Know a new or expecting mom? Give her the item that Time Magazine says “may change parenting forever,” the Pacif-i. The Pacif-i is a smart pacifier that lets parents measure their child’s temperature via their smartphone from up to 30 feet away. Compatible with iOS and Android devices, the Pacif-i not only monitors your child’s temperature but also allows parents to record medications and track and locate the device. Have multiple kids or plan on expanding your family in the future? Pacif-i is suitable for all babies (0-3 years old) and can be used on multiple humans. Cheers to no more fuzzy babies when you’re trying to take their temperature!

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2) Cubii by FitnessCubed

Does your mom sometimes struggle to get her exercise? Get her a Cubii! Cubii is the first smart under-desk elliptical that allows you to workout while sitting at work. But even if your mom doesn’t work, she can get a little exercise in while watching the news, reading a book or knitting. As long as she sits, she can exercise with Cubii! Concerned about knee and back problems? Unlike a bike or treadmill, Cubii’s elliptical design has minimal impact on the knees and pushes you to sit up straight, so it’s good for your overall posture and you don’t slouch.

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3) Haiku Sprint Duffle Bag by Haiku Bags

Let’s be honest, the best part about working out is all the cute clothes and accessories. Don’t let your mom go to yoga or the gym with a boring duffle bag; she deserves better than that. Haiku Sprint Duffle to the rescue! Based in Seattle, this tote has a separate compartment for sneakers, a sleeve for a yoga mat or jacket, an umbrella pocket and lots of compartments and pockets for other accessories. Gone are the days of carrying bags on bags on bags to carry all your “crap.” Of course this style comes in many adorable patterns and colors, perfect for the fashionable moms out there.

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4) Connected Hydration with Smart Lid by Thermos

Everyone needs water. Doctors suggest we need to drink approximately 64 oz a day to stay hydrated. Enter the Thermos Connected Hydration with Smart Lid water bottle. This water bottle will not only make your Mom look super chic and cool, but it will track her fluid intake. As a mom, she has a lot to worry about but being properly hydrated should not be one.

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