4 Ergonomic Ways To Transform Your Kid’s Desk Into A Healthy Study Space

Spoiler alert: it’s back to school season. After a summer full of physical activities, your little ones are forced to return to a chair from 9-3pm and young adults are venturing off to college where calories are consumed in forms of alcohol, greasy cafeteria food and late night junk food snacks. While we cannot alter the fact our students have to sit to learn and study, we can alter their study space to make it more ergonomic and healthy.

Here are 4 ergonomic ways to transform your kid’s desk into a healthy study space:

Convert Your Stiff Wooden Chair to Something You Can Bare Sitting In

We spent a lot of time on our bums. School and dorm chairs tend be the most uncomfortable things to sit on and promote slouching. Replacing them can be costly and not even possible. Therefore one solution is a chair cushion, like these from Gaiam. These balance discs easily fit on your conventional desk chair and promote an active sitting environment. If you’re on a shoestring budget, place a pillow on the back of your chair. These active sitting chair solutions engage your core and encourage proper posture.

Get Moving While You Sit 

I was a college student not long ago. If I had free time, I’d hang with friends and watch movies and eat popcorn – not go to the gym haha. With busy study and social calendars, it’s easy to find excuses to not hit the gym. Hence the dreaded freshman 15. Instead of walking to the campus gym and competing for a machine, exercise with a personal under desk elliptical while studying in your dorm.

“I keep the unit under the table while I sit for long periods of time doing homework, and it helps me not feel as fatigued as I normal. With the blood flowing better, I feel a little sharper and more awake than usual.” ~ Athilesh, Cubii customer since December 2016

If you have younger students, these compact ellipticals slide neatly under your table so your kids can move and study at the same time. As an avid reader, Luke enjoys Cubii-ing while reading and finds the words flow right off the page.

Light It Up

Fall is quickly approaching and the days start getting shorter. This means we don’t get enough natural sunlight and some can experience a chemical imbalance, also known as Seasonal Active Disorder. One way to make the fall and winter evening study sessions healthier is to turn on a SAD lamp, a special kind of light that replicates some of the beneficial effects of natural sunlight. Higher end SAD lamps will blend with your existing home furniture and give the dorm room a homey, healthy and fashionable feel.

It’s Stand Up Time

It’s no surprise why standing desks are so popular– sitting is bad so do the opposite and stand up. However, fashionable height adjustable desks can cost you an arm and leg which is why schools won’t provide them for students. Good thing there are cost effective standing solutions like Varidesk or a laptop stand. Varidesk is perfect for the college dorm because it fits on top of your existing desk. But not everyone can study in his/her room. Enter a laptop stand. This portable standing solutions lets you convert your dorm desk and library table into a standing desk. Another benefit of a laptop stand is it takes up less space and isn’t clunky.