You're Number 1: 4 Easy and Fun Ways To Love Thy Self

It’s that time of the year again when we start to see all the pink and red hearts adorn street café windows. Our inboxes are flooded with lists of the perfect gifts to get for the loved ones. I’ve never really understood Valentine’s Day. Mostly because the yogi in me strives to appreciate and be grateful for everyone each day.

So here’s a slight spin I offer for the 14th day of this month. Instead of devoting the day to our loved ones, why don’t we take this day and devote it to ourselves – something that we rarely get the opportunity to do. I strongly believe that by practicing more self-care and self-love, we are able to bring more joy in our own lives as well in the lives of the loved ones around us. How do we do that, you might ask? Here are 4 easy, fun tips that could get you started:

Glows and Grows

We tend to be so harsh on ourselves – from our health, our relationships, to our work. I’ve started a simple practice that helps me understand not just areas I need to grow in, but things I’m already kicking butt in! For everything I’m inclined to judge myself on, I begin by thinking of two glows – all the things I’m doing well – and then move on to two (only two!) grows, i.e. things I need to work on. It helps not to over critique yourself & remember the good things time and again.

Must Read: The Book of Joy        

This book is revolutionary. It’s a casual conversation between his Holiness, The Dalai Lama and Archbishop Tutu that changed how I reacted to situations. In a world that is so driven by perception and self-image, it’s a refreshing take on how to cope with it all and be more joyful.

Get Your Hands Dirty

I have a slightly different thought process from people who believe self love equates to taking time off from doing anything at all. For me, there is nothing more satisfying then that feeling of creating something with my own hands, whether that’s a good dish I’ve meant to try, or potting a new plant. We’re so used to getting things by pressing a button that the simple act of using your own hands to create something is so fulfilling!

Tune Out

It’s always been really challenging for me to meditate. I find my mind wandering before I even get started. A simple trick that helps me tune out from time to time is just breathing. Very loud. Louder than my thoughts. It forces me to focus and reels my mind back into my breath. You can be alone, with people, eyes open or closed – whatever works for you!

Happy February! *pink & red hearts”