3 Ways A 9 to 5er Can Do A Cardio Office Workout

If you are able to designate time for the gym or any physical activity, good for you. Everyday is a constant tug-of-war between being too hungry or too tired to get to the gym after work (I am not a morning person so AM workouts are out of the question). Finding time to exercise can be a challenge for anyone who has a busy schedule. Here’s a novel idea: why not work out while you’re at work?!

These may seem like a no- brainer but often times it’s the easiest hacks that we forget can make a huge difference. Here are 3 of our favorite hacks to get an effective cardio workout at the office:

Tip 1: Take A Hike

At some point during the day, you will have to leave your desk to use the bathroom (unless you’re superhuman and have a bladder of steel) or grab some water. Instead of taking the quickest or most convenient route, take a more round about way. This will help you burn more calories, add steps to your daily goal and you’ll spend a few less minutes working.

Bonus: if your office building has multiple floors, use the restroom on a different floor

Tip 2: Quick Burst of Cardio

One way to easily do a cardio office workout is to run in place for a minute. Except that will make you sweat and you might look a little silly and distract your coworkers. Instead of running, try a mini desk elliptical. A non-motorized desk elliptical allows the flexibility to control your pedal speed and reduce the likelihood of breaking a sweat. Select a resistance that is comfortable and stride away.