BenefitHub JR2+ Bundle

Originally $327, you get this bundle for only $249! Use code CUBIIBENEFIT at checkout for an additional 20% off.
Product Information
  • Connected seated elliptical that helps you burn calories, build strength, improve mobility, and add movement to your day
  • Connects to the Cubii mobile app via Bluetooth, allowing you to sync your progress across our app, Apple Watch, Fitbit, and HealthKit
  • Includes an easy to read LCD monitor that displays your active time, distance pedaled, calories burned, and speed
  • Compact build fits under your desk or in from of your favorite seat
  • Features eight increasing levels of resistance to customize your workout as you build strength
Product Features

This exclusive bundle includes one of our connected Cubii seated compact elliptical: Cubii JR2+! Take advantage of the Bluetooth and the easy to read LCD display screen combination to access all of your workout data in the Cubii mobile app or your current workout data on the display monitor. The BenefitHub bundle includes a Cubii JR2+, a Cushii Lumbar Cushion, and workout mat for the price of a Cubii JR2+.

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