With school back in session, summer vacations beginning to wrap up, and the smell of fall right around the corner, this is usually a good time of year for a wellness reset. Let us help you get back into a routine that you'll stick to with little changes that make a big impact on your total health and wellbeing.


Invest in improving your physical and mental health.


Redefine what exercise looks like as you move into this next phase of your health and wellness journey. Give yourself the gift of exercise that's fun, approachable, and seamlessly fits into your life. One size doesn't fit all - choose the elliptical model that best fits your needs and try one of our new accessories to maximize your Cubii experience.

Cubii JR2+
Cubii JR2+

Everything You Need to Pursue Your Wellness Goals!
Get the emotional and physical benefits of exercise without changing your daily routine with Cubii JR2+! Use our newest model to help you burn calories, targeting the lower body and obliques, and increase leg strength, mobility, and your daily activity level. The built-in display screen tracks your strides, distance, speed, active time, and calories burned, while seamlessly syncing with the Cubii mobile app and other fitness tracking apps.


Getting Active Just Got Easier with JR2+
Cubii JR2+ is our second seated elliptical that connects to the Cubii mobile app via Bluetooth, allowing you to sync your progress across our app, Apple Watch, Fitbit, and HealthKit. Begin pedaling toward your health and fitness goals and join the thousands of striders who are building strength, burning calories, and reaching their health and wellness goals in the Cubii Communitii™!


More Compact, JR2+ Fits Seamlessly into Your Life
The Cubii JR2+ compact design fits seamlessly into your life! This model weighs less than 20 pounds and includes a built-in handle making this model easier to carry from room to room. Our included Attachable Wheel Cup helps hold the front wheel of any office chair in the correct position while you pedal or can be removed when not needed.


Get Connected! Unlock Your Potential with JR2+ and Cubii Studio+
Cubii Studio+ is our online exercise class library that allows you to access 300+ on-demand workout classes whenever you want! Cubii Studio+ lets you personalize your workout routine and fits the needs of wellness seekers of all ages, abilities, and lifestyles. Join our community by registering for free today to access the platform online or in the Cubii mobile app.

Cubii Go
Cubii Go
Cubii Smart Start Training Series DVD & Digital
Smart Start Training Series
As low as $24.00

The Smart Start Training Series ensures a safe, effective start to your wellness journey. Physical Therapist and NASM certified personal trainer Dr. Kristan Fish guides you through goal setting strategies, proper form, technique, and healthy habits through 12 easy-to-follow instructional workout videos. Choose from various class types and level of difficulties ranging from beginner to advanced for instructional at home demonstrations that meet your unique needs.

If you prefer to watch your workouts on your computer, tablet, or phone, simply choose the "Digital" option. These easy-to-stream videos will become available to watch immediately. Simply purchase and then log into your Cubii account on any device to watch them again and again! If you prefer watching workouts on your TV through a DVD player, simply choose the "DVD" option and a physical copy will be shipped to your home. Want the best of both worlds? Choose the "Digital + DVD" bundle for only $5 more to have these videos available on your computer, tablet, phone, or TV.

Cushii Lumbar Cushion
Cushii Lumbar Cushion

The Cushii Lumbar Cushion conveniently fits sofas, chairs, cars, and wheelchairs to encourage better posture and reduce stress on the lower back. The Cushii features a memory foam construction for ultimate comfort, a washable mesh outer lining, and a strap to secure the cushion to your chair. When you're not using this cushion as lumbar support, place directly on your seat and use as a cushion to provide additional comfort.


Set goals and celebrate your non-scale victories.


Download our free Cubii mobile app to set goals, monitor your exercises, sync with other fitness apps, and track your progress! The Cubii mobile app is where you will find and store all of your exercise goals and growth.


As you use your elliptical more, increasing resistance as you build strength, you will begin to notice non-scale victories that help you FEEL better.


Little changes make a big impact.


Getting back into a routine doesn't mean everything in your life needs to change at once. We actually recommend that it doesn't! Start with one small change and you'll quickly see (and feel) the impact it makes.


Cubii Studio+ is the perfect option if you're looking for a guided way to add a little bit of exercise to your daily routine. Choose between our 10-, 20-, and 30-minute live or on-demand exercise classes that range from cardio and strength training to meditation and stretching.


Prioritize a balanced lifestyle.


Within the Cubii mobile app, you will find Cubii Wellness Journiis: free monthly health and wellness programs that offer daily challenges to help you holistically improve your physical and mental health.


There are four categories of challenges to help you live a more balanced lifestyle: Workout, Recipe, Mindfulness, and Live Workouts. Join monthly Wellness Journiis, complete daily challenges, earn badges, live a healthier lifestyle, and repeat!


Connect with like-minded individuals who are on the same health and wellness journey as you.


Our Cubii Communitii™ is the perfect place to connect with like-minded striders who are embarking on the same journey to improved mental and physical health! Join this safe and supportive private Facebook group to be the first to know what’s new and happening at Cubii, learn tips and tricks to help you reach your goals, and so much more! Our Cubii Communitii™ is SO ready to become your new personal fan club cheering you onto success.


Remember to live.

At the end of the day, this is what’s all about! Living.


Living a healthier lifestyle for yourself.
Living a healthier lifestyle to feel better.
Living a healthier lifestyle for the people who love and care about you.
Living a healthier lifestyle to see the world from a clearer perspective.
Living a healthier lifestyle and enjoying every step of the way.
Living a healthier lifestyle because this is your journey, and we thank you for letting us be a part of it.