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30-Min Cardio Burst with Andrea


30-Min Cardio Burst with Andrea
Try this 30-minute on-demand workout class to focus on increasing your heart rate and burning calories! Andrea’s high energy will give you a boost of motivation to complete this fun and effective Cubii Studio+ cardio class. Our digital download Cubii Studio+ workout classes allow you to try a full Studio+ exercise class before starting your free 30-day trial. This class will give you a glimpse of what is offered when you become a Cubii Studio+ member.


Cubii Studio+: Start Your Free 30-day Membership Trial Today!
Cubii Studio+ offers unlimited access to live and on-demand exercise classes that will help you become the healthiest and happiest version of yourself! All classes are available online and in the Cubii mobile app. By starting your free 30-day trial today, you will immediately receive access to our entire library of strength training, cardio, stretching, and yoga classes. With so many class types, trainers, and lengths to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect combination of exercise classes to help you achieve your health and wellness goals!

  • Cubii Studio+ workout class that can be digitally downloaded to try and rewatch at any time before committing to start your free membership trial
  • 30-minute cardio workout class that will have you sweating and pedaling to the beat of every song
  • Sweat & Stride workout classes will help you boost up your heart rate, burn calories, and increase blood circulation to increase energy
  • This class requires a compact seated elliptical and towel
  • Once purchased, this class can be found by logging into your Cubii account and choosing “My Classes”